Second suggestion Tableview

Hi all, a few days ago I asked for advice on how to delete the last element added to the ''TableView" component using the ‘‘TableView extension by Ken Nichols’’.
Still-learning (whom I thank you very much again) kindly suggested this to me:

''Get datas from your database, put it in global variable and tableview.

If you want to remove anything, del the items from variable and once again put it in table view’’

but I can not divide the strings and then be able to delete them, any other advice?
These are my blocks, I don’t really know how to proceed.
Thank you very much and long live programming :slight_smile:

Test this sample app

TableView.aia (21.4 KB)

(As the time set into 100ms do not press the table view faster manner)

here i have used gsheet as database…

If you want alternate pls share your demo aia

Thank you for your time, I downloaded your .AIA demo and it works great but I don’t know how to apply it to my blocks.
You used an existing table for the example and converted it from a CSV table but I’m already starting with the header ready and Fixed in TabelView.datastring (Name Surname Address).
Honestly I tell you the truth I do not know how to proceed. Thanks again my friend

what is the database used in your app??

Good evening my friend, this is my Database,
in this way I insert the data that I need…

Hello my friend, I have replied you with the blocks of my database, hello and thanks

I will let you know once i recovered from seasonal flu. Please wait or someone can help you meanwhile

hahaha my friend, think I recently went through the same problem, don’t worryI’m not in such a hurry, have a good recovery, bye until next time

tested and working fine…

Created table successfully and deleted the ckicked items too succssfully

Hello my friend, first of all thank you very much for your support, you are really good congratulations, I have reconstructed the example you sent me in blocks, I have made some modifications because I was getting some errors but now it is just perfect!! Thank you very much and I wish you much happiness and prosperity, bye :slight_smile:

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Cell delimiter must be used as , (comma)
And row delimiter must be used as \n

For errorless function

If it works dont hesitate to hit solution inorder to help others those who have the same doubt and search in community

In your example, which I reproduced in detail, I received an error and I had to modify it as I wrote to you, so it works perfectly.
The error was precisely the detail " \n "
Removing it like this works perfectly.
Thanks again and I hope someone with the same problem as me can solve it by consulting these posts, bye

do you feel struggling ? quite surprise to hear…

test this

TableView.aia (22.9 KB)

No I don’t feel difficult, I thank you, it’s just that reproducing your example I faced an error and I solved it as I showed you in the blocks I sent you back, nothing special, I repeat, thank you enormously, you solved my problem, you are really good and thank you again, now I’m going to verdere what you sent me :wink:

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I don’t understand, I reproduced your first example step by step and it gave me a certain error, I compared the image of your blocks with mine over and over again and I didn’t see any copying errors!
your last example works very well, evidently I must have made some mistakes in reproducing it, but I must say that in my own way I have achieved the same goal, right? of course thanks to you, great :wink:

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thats good to here

the problem is, i was set the table view properties like this inorder for errorless work

and nothing else

oh sure here’s the problem! I had set the component differently!
in “RowDelimiter” I had put ;
I have no words, bravo and thanks again …

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