Segment: Start (2) + length (1) - 1 exceeds text length (0)

Unsolved…Please Help: 2$

You are having two issues

  1. Your if then else logic is not handled in proper way
  2. Also length of the get value is zero, which mean firebase not print the result.

Pls check up.

I’ll check thank you very much.

still runtime error

Remove your second if then else logic

And check up what is printing in global error length… it is not triggering that’s the problem

You must trigger the second if then logic atleast by the interval of 100ms so use one click component. You are looking for logic by the dependent of previous value. So you must give some gap till it prints the result , if no result printed in global error length then second logic will trigger with the value of 0 and the above said error will pop up