Select a dynamic card view for only one

Hallo everyone, I want to do an election on the dynamic view card only when I choose the background and it manages to change the background but I want only one that bears fruit in the background which means if other backgrounds are not selected then they will be white whereas if selected it will be colored other than white, I managed to apply it only me when I choose one card then choose another card the previous card still has color in the background, how to overcome this

The logic is you must have IDs of all card view in a list. So upon selecting an item
First set all the IDs into white and the clicked component id alone to red

Try this logic just by altering your codes

It’s very simple when card clicked store it’s click I’d on variable and when again card clicked first change previous card color using stored I’d and then change variable I’d to new I’d. And also change new card color. That’s it

this doesn’t work, and brings up an error

What error do you get ?

to speed up the creation of the application, I decided not to use this method, thank you for replying to this topic

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Certainly it won’t affect speed of your application at any cost. I am sure about it. It is just a logic . Kindly check up with your dyna id.

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If your showing long data then it would be chance to crash application.

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