Select lis item too large

Describe your issue
I’m getting an error, Select list item: List index too large Select list item:Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of lenght 1: (image url)

Load urls flip viewer components as my image slider using airtable .

Note: I tried to search prevous topic, this one is what im looking for How to Fix This Problem List Index Too Larger but, cant understand good english withour visual guide like image and i cant reply to this topic, so no option i create this topic


please correct me if i block wrong

In the “For each number” block it increases from to 6 Try to place 1

The error is because it has one item and you are trying to get more than two item.

What you can do ?
Just set ‘by’ to 1 in the for each number loop.

i get same error please share some thoughts

Set list to ’ name ’ in add item to list block.

Why this error happens?
As you have set list to global slider it will add that item to global slider but when loop again runs global slider has more items than values got.
Try and share what happens.

thanks for trying to help me bro. same error again

sholde use for each number or each items blocks?

I can see there are some more blocks.
What about showing them here?

i have 500+blocks and its too diffucult to capture them all, and they dont have issue, it just only the blocks bro, when i want to show images from my airtabel and put it in flipper viiewer