Select list item: Attempt to get item number 5 of a list of length 1: (#N/A )

Please help me

See your error. Your web url returns #N/A as response content so it throws such error

The error is never there. This error occurs only when scanning a QR (word) that is not on the sheet. If I get this error, need to close the application. Any option avoid this error.

Are you using gsheet? If so try with gviz query.

If you get result then continue to do operation else alert the user and close the app

Whe I try gviz Query…

Can you share your aia

Just check the length of the list before setting the label text

Submit_Sheet.aia (17.0 KB)

Wheni see your google sheet component, you set sheet name as Sheet2 but no such sheet found


Component having sheet2 as sheet name



Not yet tested the app.

also in script url, Sheet1 is there but no sheet found in your gsheet

Please rectify it then try once again with same blocks

Also i have noticed your web url that you have added, Script url, ID, Sheet name, SQL but you have failed to add, FN and HDR… I believe that if you have added mean then retry

Please show us what is the script you used… I have tested with few functions but it says missing of such functions like read cell, May be you have preoblem with script code too