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Hello everyone,
i have created an app which allows you to send email to any email address with html code. I am also providing you test Apk to check.

[Paid]AIA File if anyone want this please pm me
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Where you can you this ?

You can use this to send “triggered” emails such as order confirmations, password resets, and confirmation emails.

What required to use this ?

You have to create an account on and verify your account. After that you have to request for activation of SMTP. Once they approved your request then you can send email to your app users.
Request by sending email here : [email protected]

Rate Limit ;

New user can send upto 100 emails per hour and this limit will be automatically increased or decreased based on no. of emails send.

HTML Code ;

Simple html code is available in aia file, you can edit it as per your requirements.

Test APK : Email.apk (5.3 MB)

Version : 1.1

Price : 89 INR OR 1.89$ (Price Decreased) (PM for AIA)

Note :
Sometimes email delivery may be delayed by 15 to 30 sec.


Update 1.1

:point_right: Added Custom html
:point_right: Added 6 digits OTP
:point_right: Test APK Updated

Result (when OTP received) ;

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Hey nice work but im already make it & providing FREE have a look here-

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#off-topic you forgot a space between # and W :sweat_smile:

My mistake :sweat_smile:

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I have checked and I can definitely say that my aia is totally different than yours.
In your aia, user can only add message, subject, name and email address and emails send from [email protected]
But in my aia, users can change it as per their requirement like [email protected]/their email address etc and not only add messages, subjects but If user have basic knowledge of html then they can add anything in their emails.

And users can get full statistics of emails.

im make this for OTP Verification also its free thats why m only add those options.

that’s okay but i also provide custom emails its not that much tuff i already sale it to 50+ clients with everything custom.

in my version they only have to add html in text format and its done.

m not comparing with urs broo im just say that i already make it.i hope u will understand now :innocent: :heart: :india:

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Update 1.2

:point_right: Now Send email with 100+ Email templates available on
:point_right: You can’t add custom email address if email template is used, your registered email address will be used.
:point_right: Added social buttons

Test APK :

Please PM me to get test apk on this version.

Output from this version ;


Great, :+1:t2:


Okay,… …

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