Sending apk to phone

how to send apk to phone
can u tell the process

It would be better if you explain it…

To which phone you want to send
I mean through user’s phone?

every android phone with me also ios like iphone

I’m still confused
Which Apk do you want to send??

You Can Publish Your Apps On App Store Or Play Store Or Simply Just Go To The “Export” & Select Android (.apk) and then you will get ‘QR Code’ Simply Just Scan It And Done… :grinning:

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ok thanks leme try

Why will he not know how to export app???
As he has created apps in past!:thinking::thinking:

So Wierd

it is the first time i was going to export in phone by the way else i used emulator in my laptop

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Friend, just generate the APK. It will be created on your personal computer / notebook. Then send it to your smartphone (Bluetooth). Install.

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Well I think it’s better to use link (as it’s short and convenient) to download it in mobile…

Not supported.
Only Android

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Why is it soo . Can u tell me . Because in thunkable you could test in iOS also

Both are different.

Dear @Ekansh_Pandit, Follow these steps…

  1. First build the app and generate barcode.

  2. Then use kodular companion app to scan that barcode to download and install the app on your phone.

Try these steps. If you are satisfied, please mark this post as solution.

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