Sending data to other phones

I need to create an application that, when a certain message arrives through Bluetooth, alerts other phones (triggers actions in other phones with a “receiver” app). I’ve seen that I need to use online databases, but I still haven’t been able to make it work: how do I create a database? How do I set both the sender app and the receiver app on the same database? How do I read a value from database? I just need to store a value, like a number or letter.
Thank you

Mmm, you could use Airtable, Firebase or Cloudinary as a database, then just ask or call the data

Using bluetooth I wouldn’t know how to tell you to expect someone from official support to respond

I recommend using real time firebase, the best and easy dadabase.

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You have many doubts. You have to do a research here in the community because there are several topics about all these questions.

The best ?