Separate Admin And User login

Screen one is splash screen

Screen 2 is for user login screen vai OTP and i created one button that will redirect to admin login

now whenever i login as a admin after closing my application and again start it then it will goes to user panel instead of admin panel

what should is do ?

tell me the blocks that will separate user and admin whenever that particular person successful logged in

If admin log in successfull mean, use tinyDB to store it as with some key like, tag(admin login) Value (success).

Whenevr screen login make your app to get tinyDB get tag(admin login) if no value enable login BUtton for admin, if it is not empty redirects the app to open screen name linked with after admin login

the problem is i used Authentication in both screen for user - mobile number
and admin - email id and pass

what if i use firebase data base for fetch value and then redirect it on their screens?

can you show me the blocks?

In such cases you can use differet VA for user login and admin login. No issue.

If you say more clear about your screen1 initialize we can help you to design

screen 1 is splash screen

in 2nd screen
I took user login via otp and above that I design a button for admin login screen

after the splash over, How you will differential entry people into user and admin?

Will you assign any button for User login and admin login?

So when the splash screen over Show in a VA which contain User login and Admin login Button.

If the user hits, User login make user login VA to display. If login successful store the data in tineDB as tag(user login) value (success) and if the user hits admin login make Admin VA log in page, if the login success do the same process by changing the tag

In this page only i said…

When screen 2 initialize, call tindy DB to check both values.

are you using differnt screens for user and admin after login?

yes admin is my 3rd screen and for user 2nd screen

they both goes different screens after login

wait ill show you the screens

try like this, after the splash screen over you will make visible admin login and user login button na in that page use this blocks…

Event need to trigger after hitting the login button


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Thanks A lot For Your Help Can you send me the link of my sql database extention!
that we used in login!

I hope free version is not available. Atom developer created mysql extension but it will cost Rs.1000. by the way, you can refer taifun guide at here

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thanks for the link!

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