Server Error while try to Upload aia

Hello Team…

Their is a new error which I am facing from evening that I am unable to upload the aia. Files…
In morning its working perfectly but from evening I start facing that issue…
I just clear the cache, cookies & tried it again but still I am facing the issue…

Please have a look

Couldn’t Upload Project Server Error. Try Again…

working fine for me.

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Sorry to say but still getting error…

How big is your aia, do you have a lot of big assets etc


Appystudio.aia (253.9 KB)
@Boban it only contains 2 Or 3 assets…
Google service json
& 3 extension…

this is corrupted aia or not fully downloaded aia.
convert .aia to .rar and open you only see assets folder with one image

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Ok thank you for helping me & really sorry to disturb you all guys…


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Was this aia created in another builder?

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No it’s of Kodular. @Hossein

mine could not upload, is it because my aia file size is about 14MB for 6 screens?

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you need to create another topic post aia here or pm.
This is error due to corrupt aia file


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