Server Error Could not upload project

please help me i have a aia file whenever i am uploading it. there comes a pop up message that Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later!

i really need this app kindly please help me.

Where is your aia coming from?

refresh the page

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not worked.

Maybe you should answer what @Peter have asked you…

my friend send me google drive link on whatsapp

Yes but it is of kodular or else

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he told me you need to open it on kodular

Then maybe ask your friend where he got the file from. For example from AppyBuilder, Thunkable or somewhere else…

And don’t spam every forum with your question.

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Sorry sir. i wrote in every forum because when i reply to your msg it shows me your account has been stopped temporary. thats why. once again sorry sir.

Share the aia with us we will check it

Coincay.aia (69.6 KB)

Sir please see this is my file and please help me…

This aia is not working i thinks its wrong aia because when i checked inside of the aia there a assets folder and a image and nothing more i think someone fooled you.

I am also facing the same problem.By the way I have build the app myself and now i need to make some change for a competition but I cannot work properly due to the same pop up mentioned above-'Server error-cannot load file.My competition is in 7 days.Please help me instantly.

Looking in my crystal ball

hmm unfortunately nothing there…

I am looking for views and help…if u can’t find anything in crystal ball…ur crystal ball is not able to do so…throw it in garbage.But pls kindly help me.

What kind of help do you expect from this

because there are a thousand things that may have gone wrong with your project and I’m not going to start by guessing what’s wrong…

If you are not able to check you aia file by your self that there is no abnormality, then I suggest you share it so someone can take a look at it.

I wii share some pics tomorrow…pls check them out