Set image size in Listview

Hey, Everyone Hope you all are fine.
I am using a Listview with imageimage and I want change the dimension of image.
But there is option in Designer.
And I am using a link to get image.
So I tried using html
<img src=”/somesource” height=”200px” width=”200px”></img>
but It not worked can anyone suggest something.

With Kodular listview Image and Text you can’t do that !!
Looks Colin Tree Custom Listview
I’m shure help you !!

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I know that, But the inbuilt component works for me,just the problem in image size.
And this extension takes many blocks and in my project already many blocks.
Btw thanks for suggestion, I will think on it.

You can’t do this, you have to use options given in component like image size - medium, small and large.

Ok… but 200 x 200 px not is that big ???

Remember Image with 100 px x 100 px x 32 bit to show this memory ram need 3 megabytes or more

Tried that to.

Its a example i have set to 20px X 20px

Yeah OK !!!

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Sorry but, it’s not too small ??

Then what should i try?

PS: tried with 50px and 100px not worked.

You’re going to drive me crazy my friend, more than I already i’m !! :crazy_face:

The Question is does it accept the image with the html ?

If you are talking about List view with image then answer is No.

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Yes, I think so you are right.

Listview Image and Text can’t set to html format !!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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