Shield Browser - #1 Most Secure & Easy to use Privacy Browser

Shield Browser - Faster, Secured, Private & Lite

Meet the World’s Most Secure Browser, Better than Chrome & Firefox. Safe, Secure & Private. Easy & fast searching speed. Google & Duck Duck Go Available.

Now a Days Browsers are not so much secure Like the Old ones. So I have launched the Most Secure Browser for the Privacy Users.


We have solved many more features & Updates in this Browser. Also we have added some new features to make this browser more useful.

For the Update Log, Please check the latest reply by Me available in this DISCUSS.

Main Features…

Fully Secured ( 99.9999999999% )

No History, No Data, No Malware, No Ads

In-Built VPN Available

No One Can’t Read or Access Your Passwords, Payment Details, Input Details else you. Even Not me. As I have already told that There’s No Connection to get the App Database.

Encrypted Connection, Like a Shield for every links. ( If You are visiting any http ( Non SSL ) Site, Malware Site or Any Unsecure site then the Browser Default Shield will Protect Your Passwords, Input Details, Payment Details from being hacked & Also recommends you about any Phishing Sites. So this is a great opportunity for you to be safe in this Internet.
So I am requesting you guys to Test My App & Found the errors, bugs I will solve them & Also help me to Built many New Functions here.

The Fastest Downloading Engine Installed. Tested on AWS ( Min: 1.0Kbps | Max: 1.9Tbps )

In Built Adbloacker…

Blocks Upto 90% Ads on the Globe

Can Block Popup Ads

Redirect Ads Can be Blocked

In Built VPN…

Only United States Available

The Global Fastest Servers by Shield Data Network Pvt Ltd

100% Secure with No Ads, No Tracers & No IP

Built In Dark Mode…

Relax & Protest Your Eyes with Shield Dark Mode

Stop 30% Extra Blue Lights

Easy & Comfortable to read, Write

Shield 4Layer Security…

Blocks All Threats

Can Help you to understand which site is not secure

Make Data Transfer More Secure

Protects from Malwares & Spywares

Browser Tools…

We have Inbuilt Calculator

Have Faster File Transfer

Currency Exchanger

Temporary Mailing Services

Test my Browser & Please Inform me about the all Errors, Bugs, Problems.

Download the Latest Version ( V 2.1 )

Click to Start Downloading

Scan this QR code from Your Phone…


Thank You :kodular: For this Amazing Platform :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Test my Browser App & Let me Know If It is Working Properly Or have some Bugs.


UI should be improved , Good work :+1::+1::+1:

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Appreciated! Thank You. Have You any kind of UI Suggestions ? You can tell me.

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Search on dribble , make sure donot copy other’s ui

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I couldn’t use the CustomWebViewer. My Browser Stops in the Kodular Companion. Can You help me in this case.

UI design sample :- Sample

Ok! Thank you so much. On more thing…
Do you know how to set, Enter to Search in the Input Box?

Do you mean text box hint ?

No No!
In Mobile Keyboard if you press in the enter button then start searching in Google.

Do you mean , when anyone click on search button then keyboard automatically hide

No No! Sry for that…

I want to mean…

If any one click on this button

then the search started in the browser.

Maybe you could use @Taifun 's textbox extension and Set Icon for Enter button on soft keyboard

Image taken from PuraVida Apps



There’s one problem that when I enter a website url it doesn’t work. Also this isn’t completely true that this browser is completely private because you are using Google as your search engine. If someone signs in to his google account then they will save history automatically. Instead you can use duckduckgo as your default search engine to make your browser completely private. But overall, good job. I would really love to see the full version.

Thank You for Your valuable time?

  1. You have to put http or https before every link. ( https://… )

  2. We are working in the Google solution. Google is the most used & Highly informative search engine so our browser default search engine is google. We will make something private system for those wants more privacy.

the browser app looks good
nice app … ui and the backend both

Thank you so much for your Valuable Time!

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I can implement a multi search engine system to your browser. I would love to contribute. I can implement these search engines: Bing, Duckduckgo, Yahoo and Baudi all. There will be a picker kind of thing to pick a search engine.

Can you please help me by showing such sample blocks?

I don’t have my computer right now. Can I send it later?