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Hey Koders Acutally I’m working on a Quiz App and i wanted to show random question. I have tried 2 methods but not working.
in first method Random Question and options are comming but they are repeating.
and in second method Random Question and options are comming and also not repeating but not all question are coming. i have 5 question in my database(for testing purpose) but only 3 question are coming).
Please Help me I really wanted it Please.
See my blocks

See this example on How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates


why are you using zero here? use it from 1 but it will give duplicates. Just follow the web given by dora mam and create blocks so that you can avoid duplicates.


If you are using airtable, get serial number into one global variable and shflle the list. From the shuffle list take one by one. Simple. You no need more blocks to design it

when i’m using 1 it is working but all data is not showing. like i have 5 question in my database but only 3 is showing.

I did’t get it
can you explain it little more

Ok tell me more, where do you have questions? in googlesheet or airtable. Sorry, i read your last post wrongly so deleted my reply.

I will use airtable but for testing I have made a local list

That may be the problem. Use any airtable with minimu 5 question

Hey tried something else it won’t get all data but it is getting me 1 less data so That’s not a problem. Btw thank You
I have set all question text= length of question variable-1(5-1=4)
then I set gboble count less than equals to
and set indicator to 1

here is no prob. Prob may be in global variable

I don’t know which type of question are you talking about but I’ve made this:


RandomQuestion.aia (3.9 KB)

It shows random math question.

@Xoma whooo man are u generating question by logic?

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