Airtable with quiz

I created the quiz application.
In which I have used Airtable for question, 4 options and answer.
I have quiz application and its 4 options in quiz application.
What to do each time the question and option come up randomly?

I am not quite sure how your data is structured but if its coming in a list form, then you can use pick a random item from list block :point_down:


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Also see how to How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?



Try to take values from airtable into dictionary mode and then use random item block, problem is may be delay in getting the values from airtable

No need to shout , see this guide. Also a test aia is provided

Meaning …? Can’t you download files?

AiA file downloaded

The AIA file was downloaded and I studied it by importing it into Kodular.

But my question is that if there are 10 questions in the quiz app, it comes in 1 to 10 respectively.

But I have to put the questions in random order. That is, question 1 changes every time from 1 to 10 questions. In the same way every question keeps changing.

after getting list of items then follow this method

[Taifun Guide]

Credit to @Taifun

Once you get values from airtable, copy the global questions list, Initialise one new temporary list, into this temporary list and design blocks like this. This is just sample and change accordingly. Showing you to some extent

You must put the 2nd marked item into the block where you are storing All the questions into a list…
(Do not put away from the blocks like me, I repeate, Use this blocks correctly)


Thanks for helping me
According to you, I have set blocks in my application and I have randomly found 4 options for each query and the same query in the application.

But one question after another comes up two or more times.
I have 4 options (A, B, C, D) for each question as it varies randomly. I also have to randomly change those 4 options.

So what to do for her?
Please help me with that.

Study A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features provided by @Taifun and you will be able to figure it

oh it may helpful for me dora

Hmmmm. Well, if possible add the options A,B,C and D according to random index into a another variable as a list, shuffle this list and select 1,2,3&4 into corresponding labels

Will the use of airtable be possible?

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Of course. As you see in example developer initialize global variables with questions list and anwsers list. You should start with global variables set to empty lists and when you get data from airtable set global questions to get values from airtable and do the same think for anwsers

I tried hard but I did not succeed.

I send the AIA file in the hope that it will help me

QUIZZ.aia (73.7 KB)

why this much of diff?

not added properly?

However test this

QUIZZ_1.aia (81.1 KB)

I tried importing the AIA file you sent
The same question comes up 2 or more times instead of 10 questions that should come up randomly.
And the options against question 1 do not come from question 1.
And there are also errors as shown in the image.