SM Player (Beta) a Multimedia Player

App Name : SM Player

This is a beta version of app and it is in developing mode now so please test the app and give your valuable suggestions and help me to find out bugs and solutions to debug them.

I want to upload this app to Play Store so you can also tell me about any feature and function which not follow Guidelines and any copyright contents.

Describe your app:

This app is a multimedia player app which includes video player, music player and gallery.

Features in app

  • Local video player - Provide videos folder and local videos list, user can delete the video or a videos folder, video files support mp4, mkv etc. (I only test these formats)
  • Gallery - Manage all device images, view, share & delete image
  • Music player - Search option, simple music player UI, Music player notification
  • WhatsApp Status Saver - Save, view & share WhatsApp status videos and images
  • Video downloader - download fb and insta videos
  • YouTube Player - play youtube videos in app

Known Bugs (Help me to debug)
Two bugs


Download link (apk file):

Drive Download Link
Direct Download Link

Extensions used in app:
I add later …


For this you need to give more information like when does this error appears, show us the related blocks, etc

I don’t know about the run time error ‘android.view.MenuItem android.view.MenuItem.setChecked(boolean)’ This error accrued when user open app in recant apps of phone (means app already open)
and I think second Error 3300 is accrued in Async Proc extension.

This :point_up: is related to the sidebar(side-menu) used in the app. And the second error is related to arguments you are passing to is in list? block. I may be wrong but that’s all I can tell you now, since you didn’t :point_down:

I will share the related blocks