Smart Door Fire Base Control

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Requires a Lot of Code but possible

If you Are aware On how to make an Arduino Smart Fingerprint registry ( Many Tutorials on YouTube are there) and Arduino wifi (NodeMCU) linked to firebase so
Make a Node MCU Fingerprint Registry and Connect it to Firebase with a Single Unique UserId as value stored in Current User Tag

Meanwhile Airtable Should Contain Details of members with 1st collumn as your Unique User ID of each member.
Once the App gets Value of Tag Current User
It should search in Airtable database for the tag to get details.

In that if the value of collumn “plan Status” is Active it should set the firebase tag " door" to open and NodeMCU should trigger a servo to open the door
If the plan status is expired then it should set tag " door" as closed and door should not open

But How to Set Up The Door and How to connect it with fire base and how to apply the logics please help me to setup the door and is there A Company to setup the door

As suggested by @BLAZE_ARDUINO You have to make your own smart door with Arduino board or NodeMCU to setup door part. Application can be made using kodular too.

But I don’t know the coding of the NodeMCU and how to do the connection

And what are the comments

What is the price of all the comments

That you have to learn ( YouTube is the best resource for this ) or can hire Arduino programmer. I guess this is off-topic according to Kodular community

Yes I have hear About arduino it is in Kodular but I don’t know how to connect the arduino with kodular and how to manage with fire base etc I need to higher a person who know about it

Try This

Anyways we hage fingerprint sensor in :kodular: