[Smart List] Check where user is scrolling in a post like facebook.. (Jugard )

It is related to this topic : Intelligent scroll in a list

I’m searching for a way to do as in the linked video :wink:
@Zia_Choudhary , I just tested your app and the behaviour is not the same as the one from the video
Actually you just set the header value to the clicked cardview or check scroll position (with a pixel number, I wonder if it will works on every device :confused:)
Maybe I can investigate with the Colin Tree’s extension (ScrollArragementHandler)
By the way, thanks for your help :smiley:

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U r welcome
I know what u r trying is a little bit different but i think that will need my method to check category position

No it’ll work… Just give it a try and modify according to your needs because its a guide that covers whole topic if you want some modifications u can do by changing logics
Just play with logics and you will be done​:wink:

Great work @Zia_Choudhary:heart:

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@nikzdreamer2001 u r welcome… Your appreciation means a lot for me​:heart_eyes:

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Actually I’m wondering how setting positions or dimensions in pixel can work efficiently :confused:
Why there is not % references ??
For example, how can you create an arrangement that takes 33% of the width screen ?
Do you have to calculate a ratio between full width screen and setting it in px everytime ?

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Yeah its very simple in one of my other guides i have explained this too…
U can read that here

Please use WidthPercent when possible. There’s no need to waste numbers of blocks.

@WatermelonIce To whom u r saying

I got the topic.really helpfull to create advanced social app.suggest (& with this if you connected imotion detect extention & show post based on user imotion that will be great.)

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@msr79526 Thanks for showing love its a great idea i’ll try to implement it after 5 aug because now m busy in my exam preparations
This idea will help us to develop high level apps… Like social apps… I really appreciate it
If anyone else wants to do it then he is welcome :relaxed:

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You, of course.

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@WatermelonIce Hmmm then check i have used width not percentage… @Stefun asked about percentage so i suggest him a way to do that…every users perception is always different being a guide author i have to satisfy all of their queries :wink:

Just curious, do you know there is an option called width Percent/height percent? With this way you van reduce the time of loading (as there is calculations).
So @stefun asked for 33% of the screen width of an arrangement. He should use Width percent and put 33 in the slot.

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@WatermelonIce Hmm no but u cannot do it in some cases
Like with LeoProfileView extension
And when u have to work with this list because vertical scroll handler extension takes input in pixels not in percentage so how can u slect widh percent /height percent
Of course u have to convert pixels into percentage with the method that i suggested him
If you have anotherone then please tell us about it too

Therefore I said

In the first place!

So i mentioned that method because here this is not possible

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Good Guide


Thanku @Xoma

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what is jugard?