SmartDecibels - Simple and Powerful

dbicn SmartDecibels- Decibel meter.

Here’s SmartDecibels a Decibel (Loudness meter) with very simple and easy to use UI, it can measure Sound loudness, average,min,max sound levels and can be calibrated for further precision,there might be some issues with small screen devices but I plan to fix them and improve it further in future if it gets good response.

Thanx, tell me below what you think about it :wink::blush:

Edit- I forgot to upload apk :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue: here it is -SmartDecibels.apk


Keep up the work, really good UI


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@Boban Yes I know that there’s some issue on some devices (mostly small screens) with icons and text I tried to fix it but nothing worked I think it’s a issue from Kodular’s side and if not then I am working and will try to fix it soon.

My phone isn’t small in screen size, 5.7 inches, 1440 x 2560 pixels


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
as I said

Nearly the same on a small screen (4.5 ", 480*854 pixels).



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On my Samsung Galaxy S8 running android OS v9.0:

It doesn’t go above 0:

It’s clipping the +:

When I press pause:


Nice work.Keep it up.
There are some minor issues that can be ingnored.But what about major issues.

I can not even open app properly.Am I doind something wrong?
I have no idea about using your app.
I am unable to understand why you are asking for these permissions:

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Read content on SD card???:thinking:

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  • Did you granted mic access and other permissions needed or did you restricted any permissions
  • If yes then is mic volume full
  • Did you try calibrating it if it worked

and if none of these works then I also don’t know what’s causing:sweat_smile: the problem but don’t worry I am working to fix each and every issue :man_mechanic:

You need to click that pink button on bottom to start it
BTW does any one knows why icons are not displaying properly :thinking: :point_down:

Why sound sensor needs full network access :thinking:

Thanx that’s a lot of BUGS for today.

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Which extension are you using?

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Taifun Settings, Wave and some other but I removed all of them them because I no longer need them (for now)

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The app never asked me to allow access…

I manually allowed mic access but even at +30 it’s not close to accurate:

I don’t see a way to adjust this on my device.?.

I think Google can reject your app because you have not a proper privacy policy page but you are asking for mic access which is sensitive.

So it works now:smirk: :relieved:

That issue is not from my side because I am using sound component and it’s not very much accurate and I can do anything about that but will try to find another way to provide much more accurate results :smiley:

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@vknow360 Yes I know that but I didn’t plan to publish it on Google play now or till it’s completely stable and when it’s completely polished I will add privacy policy and other things as well (it’s still in early development though:smile: and needs various bugs to be fixed)


Can someone help me about text sizing issue I tried various methods but none of them worked

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Set lable width and height in percent and live test it in and set the suitable font size, then try it on smaller size screen or bigger one

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