Next update will take some more time because I am working on some other things :man_technologist:as well BTW here’s a sneak peek of my new app
any guess what it is ?:face_with_hand_over_mouth::grinning:

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I guess exponentiation.


The waves in the pic shows speech to text ??? Is it???




Average calculating of multiple numbers?

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@Robert SmartDecibels - Simple and Powerful - #8 by Koder1331 , (sorry if you don’t recognise it because I changed it’s UI :laughing: due to some issues )

Working on next update … and other things as well (as usual):slightly_smiling_face: here’s another thing I am working it will be awesome and just finished designing UI and started koding it any guess what it is (early development image :point_down: final UI will be much better)

v2.0 is here with all bugs fixed (from previous version) and some other amazing features added, try it and tell me your feedback :star_struck::grin::smile:


If I hit C after all characters have been removed I get:

Feature Request:
Clear All button(Currently C only removes the very last character)

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You are great at designing images for your application


Yes, I Know that, don’t know why it happens :thinking:I tried to fix it by various methods but none of them worked:weary:(if some one can help me with this I will be very helpful)

It proves that no one reads description :sweat_smile: :point_down:

I know that :smirk: :grin:

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I think you are using length of text to remove last character.
It will give you -1 if text is empty.
So use an if then else condition and if text is not empty then ------

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I am using same logic

Then the problem can be in segment text block.

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I think the problem is in if then condition.
Set operator to or because and operator will return true only if both conditions are true while it is opposite with or operator.

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I need both conditions to be true not one that’s why and operator is used

Then use that block in if condition instead of else.
Also it is hard to understand which block is used for which function.
And I can see some problems ( it is my understanding ) in blocks like what is use of is empty and length block together.
Anyway this can be helpful:
First check that text is empty if it is then set all labels to 0
else segment text.

Great! app bro… BTW i found a weird thing when we start to multiplate numbers with multiple times the buttons start going down & dissappearing…

I think you have set the buttons height fill_parent that may be causing this problem…

See this