Source code keychains iTAG and MLE-15 Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)


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MIT App Inventor Extensions

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My source code supports keychains MLE-15 and iTAG, and does not support TrackerPA.

MLE-15, iTAG - two short beeps sound when turned on.
TrackerPA - three short beeps when turned on.

Keychain name: MLE-15

Keychain name: iTAG


(MLE-15, iTAG supports) (TrackerPA no supports)


(MLE-15, iTAG supports) (TrackerPA no supports)

Keychain name: TrackerPA

Dycoo TrackerPA

(TrackerPA supports) (MLE-15, iTAG no supports)

A program that can determine the distance to all keychains:
JG iTag Alarm

Program for the analysis of the protocol BLE devices:
nRF Connect for Mobile

Assigned Number for MLE-15 and iTAG

Assigned Number: 0xFFE0 - Noname Company

16-bit UUID Assigned Numbers

Assigned Number: 0xFFE1 - GET Button

Assigned Number: 0x1802
Name: Immediate Alert
Uniform Type Identifier: org.bluetooth.service.immediate_alert

Assigned Number: 0x180F
Name: Battery Service
Uniform Type Identifier: org.bluetooth.service.battery_service

Assigned Number: 0x2A06
Name: Alert Level
Uniform Type Identifier: org.bluetooth.characteristic.alert_level

Assigned Number: 0x2A19
Name: Battery Level
Uniform Type Identifier: org.bluetooth.characteristic.battery_level

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