Speadsheat not working



I try my best to fix this problem .I apply different different method but not success.
i also follow many YouTube direction but problem is still same

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@peter feel free to do your job :rofl:


unfortunately you did not explain, what exactly the problem is?
are you able to do that as detailed as possible, so others can understand and probably help?

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i try my best and also apply some different method also but not working …
i got this aia file from a youtube
i import it in kodular platform then generate apk and use it … its working
but when i modify it for my data its not working.
i only change base id API key and table name ,all are but not geting my data only msg as soon in screenshot . any one plz help me.
i am new so dont know much more plz hlep me by explaining how i can show my data.
data is book link from google drive.
i upload book in google drive and get shareable link also on the share setting.