Splash: The Drawing App

Hey everyone,
I wanted to share my brand new drawing and painting app Splash (made with Makeroid obviously :slight_smile:)
It has a clean UI and of course Material Design.

If you want to help me, please download the app and if you see any bugs, please report to me via the store page, it would be so helpful for me. So you can help development with your feature suggestions and found bugs. I would be happy to include your name in the contributors page. Also please reply to this article to say what you think?

Note: If you’re not able to find it on the Play Store (as it’s an Unpublished app) here is a link below.



Nice app :+1:

I like the design and the showcase you set on the PlayStore :smile:


Wow :heart_eyes:

Amazing design! Great work. I especially like how the status and navigation bars change to the selected colour.

I did find a minor bug though: After hiding the sub-colours, selecting the green colour doesn’t show the hide button again (all of the other colours do).

Is the export function working?
When I click on it nothing happens.

Nice app, but you have to find a way to fix this

Before collapsing the toolbox

After collapsing the toolbox

@Conor Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the bug report. Just fixed it for the next release.

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@Mika Yep, that’s a known bug. I need help with that.

Normally, It should take the drawing (all of the canvas with the save image block) and save it to the database. I don’t know if database accepts media files. Anyways. Here are the blocks:


Am I doing something wrong?

@pavi2410 Oh, really didn’t noticed that. Right now I’m thinking about it, but probably I will not be able to find a solution to it. Do you have any suggestions?

the image will be stored on the internal sdcard of your device and only the filename in TinyDB… therefore a better name for the drawing would be Drawing.jpg


So what should I do? @Taifun
As I explained, I want to save the image user created temporarily to the local database, and use it on the export screen with buttons below (Email, Save to gallery whatsapp etc.)
PS: The database is going to be rewritable.

after using the Canvas.SaveAs method together with the filename Drawing.jpg you will find your file in the root directory of the internal sdcard

How to take a picture or pick an image and share it
Different eMail solutions for App Inventor


So, after that: How can I import from the SD card to my Export page?

Note: The export page has an ImageView component so when launch, the imageview component will have the image.

Saving without an extension works. It is saved as .png


Happy to see that. So that’s why it waits a few milliseconds after the button is pressed. So the problem now is how can I get that file and set it to the imageview.

Path for this would be


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  1. Everytime I press the Export button, does it overwrite it?
  2. How can I define that path to the ImageView (when the screen launches)

Why dont you save the image as drawable_YearMonthDay_HourMinunteSeconds like the camera app does

Wait, trying that right now. Going to send you the APK so you can try it on your own. If I experience anything bad, I will write here.

PS: By the way, thanks for the big help. :slight_smile:

How can I get the time like that? Do I need to use the SystemTime block?

I think you can use the clock component for that