Splitting data into multiple lines

Hai i am trying to get data from firebase databse and i got it but iam unable to split the text please help me with this


Show your database structure. (Screenshot from firebase database)


There is simple method to store value and get them by storing it by making a list.

The random text you used as bucket, use it as tag and in store value field use make a list block and add all values like email address, name, pass etc. in it.

Now when you want to get this stored data then just use block get value and after got value use 'select list item with index" block.

Set list item to het value
And index 1 for 1st value, 2 for 2nd like wise.

i am using user id as tag, and is it not possible to get the data from my present database??

With your database structure you have to work hard with logic to seperate your required value.

So, instead of doing a complex logic use above method mentioned by me.

It is very easy to store your values and calling them.


And one more small question can i get count of all tags (Like total tags available)???

Yes, just use Length of list block.

Thanks for the help

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