Status Saver for Whatsapp App Aia File

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Status Saver for Whatsapp

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Status Saver App for WhatsApp is a little package to save status downloader to the gallery.Status Saver for WhatsApp is an application that helps you to save videos and photos from whatsapp status.

Key Features of Story Saver App
:heavy_check_mark: View Saved Stories and status even after 24 hours
:heavy_check_mark: User-Friendly Design
:heavy_check_mark: App Provide inbuilt image viewer for image
:heavy_check_mark: App Provide inbuilt media player for video
:heavy_check_mark: Easily Repost status
:heavy_check_mark: Download friends’ Whatsapp status or story now easily
:heavy_check_mark: Saved status or stories also displayed in the application for future use.


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AIA file - Price 200rs Contact PM


From where? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Link doesn’t work

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Can we used WhatsApp name in our app tittle ,short description , full description
when publishing the app on play store.
please guide me

Stop spamming the forum with the same question please. Use the search bar to find your answer.