Stuck and need help for a reminder app

I am working on a college project. I want to add a “Handwash Reminder” feature in my app which will tell the user to wash hands. Like any other reminder apps. I want to remind this on every 30mins. Or the time the user choose. Can anyone helpme with this. How can i start. What components should i use and with the blocks.

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Kodular apps can not work in the background.


As per the team kodular not works in background so i don’t know whether it’s possible or not.

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Ok cannot send notification instead of this

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Use push notification system. From that you can schedule it…& send notifications in every 30 min…

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Ok can we send notification through onesignal in every 30min automatically.


Ya you can set schedule their…

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Ok i got this . Thanks for the help.

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Mark my ans as solution if you got it…

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