Student Companion App

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Student Companion App [Education model]

Describe your app:

I made this app for the students of dental community [ myself being a dentist ] It provides the students an online e -learning Platform at zero cost.
~ Databases used :
1] MySQL with cloud hosting [ for faster and heavy server loads ].
2] Firebase for authentication and data distribution.
3] Dropbox for storage.
4] TinyBD for local Tags.

[Note : Not monitized presently ]

#Request : I request the members of Kodular community to Download this app ,test it , try finding bugs and provide me with your valuable suggestions , because I am planning to publish the app on the playstore tomorrrow and want it to be bug free.
So,I can fix and improve the app based on your sugesstions.

Special mentions : Thank you @The_K_Studio from whom I have purchased the quiz screen .


App Store/Download link: Removed.

AIA file (DM for Price)


Very Nice app with clean UI.
I will try it and let you know if there are any bugs.

Best luck for your app :+1:


I liked the UI :heart_eyes:NICE App.

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Like ?
Suggestions are welcome

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You should improve the ui of books screen

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Suggest me the changes

You should use bigger images titles and subtitles


Nice concept, nice app
I have few things to say…

  1. Do you have authority to share those books as PDF file?
  2. there are 2 ©© on sidebar :joy::joy:
  3. can you share which extensions did you used on your app?
  4. every time I open your app this happened :expressionless:

And lastly nice app and nice UI concept


Thank you so much for reporting the issue !

Provide me answers for this :

is it happening immediatly after the opening ?
your device info?
Is the error persistant or dismiss on click?
Is it happening on first run or every time ?

I’ll PM the info and let you fix the issue
BTW you didn’t answered my other questions…

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Have you installed and checked the app,because in app its icon sizes are different …

for the purpose of the screen shots i have decreased the icon sizes…

I have’nt given titles and subtitles because its already their on the book cover…to avoide clumsy look i avoided title and subtitle

1] yes they are open source.
2] creative commons attribution,people can use our content.
3] Its a long list…i Will add a pic of extensions in the first post.

  1. In introduction screen, instead changing pictures manually by clicking buttons, use horizontal scroll handler or page viewer or use icons for next and previous page.

  1. Why this screen is blank?

  1. Continue with Google button is not working properly, fix it. I have to click it several times to get function.

  2. Don’t allow users to download 3rd party pdf books which may be copyrighted.

  3. You can improve your app UI with different colours, as here everything is green green :grinning:

  4. YouTube videos and their thumbnails are taking long time to load.

  5. You have used animation in side menu, i think Lottie animation which is always running. This may make your app laggy in some devices.


Which extension are u using to make navigation bar plz provide it .aix

Second one …Arrangement design extension,You have to play and work around with properties and arrangements to achive this type of bottom navigation


Nice Application.


Tq for appreciation :innocent:

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You are welcomed

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how much do you wants for this aia file?

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