Suggestions to improve the builder

Hello !

I have some suggestions to improve the builder :
3 things missed to do what I wanted to do:

  • Custom Font family on list view
  • Bigger FAB Button (the normal one is very small)
  • A “Dimiss custom dialog” block for the notifier

And i think a “Border” component that just place a 100%x1px colored layout (a line to make it simpler) might be fine

Thanks to all the makeroid staff for this amazing builder !

  1. Is it not current possiple to change the font on listview?

  2. The old FAB will be replaced by the official FAB im the next component release

  3. Do we not have such a block?

If you answer on 1 and 3 with no, then maybe we can add it.


1.No, at least not for the listview with image
2. Cool :slight_smile:
EDIT : When you say replaced, will it be deleted on existing projects and it will be necessary to hand over the new one, or will there be nothing to do?
3.No, there is an event when its closed, but no block to close it

I will add a option to the listview for this


There won’t be any compatibility issue, we’ll explain more in 1.1 Release Notes


I added now for next component release the block for “Dismiss Custom Dialog”.

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Any progress on the custom font feature ?
I tried using a custom font in list view (image and text). But it’s not working. The blocks are there. But we can’t connect a text block to it.