TableView _3 download

I downloaded this version of TableView_3, but when importing the aia, there was a bug and one of the blocks got lost and it doesn’t exist in the project. How can I solve this?
TinyDB1.GetTagsAndValues ​​block.


Which version, from where? Was it an aia or aix file ?

Most probably the aia that you have was created with AppyBuilder and used call TinyDB.GetTagsandValues block that doesn’t exist in Kodular or Mit App Inventor

Try this modified aia

TableView_v3_kodular.aia (21.9 KB)

Thank you!!
by the way do you understand anything about the TSPL language for thermal printers ? I created a post here , but unfortunately no one has yet opined.

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I’ve seen your post but unfortunately I can not help

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thank you anyway

could you send me the extension ?

You can download it from