Takes time to launch app

I have an app that has 20 Screens on Screen 1. I made a single screen for the app because I made an app based on my store. And I only had to make 1 screen to make the app faster, and not have to keep loading images every time I change the screen. But what happens is that the boot is taking anywhere from 30 to 40 seconds to load. I am using the visible and invisible screen method. This project has many components and has about 4100 blocks. For testing purposes, I left only the screens without the components and without the blocks, and then I generated an apk, and yet it lasted the same amount of time as above to load. The screen goes all white and after 40 seconds then enters the screen which is meant to be visible. Is this problem because I have too many screens on the same screen?

Yes it can be possible and is also related to your mobile specifications
You can attach your APK here so others can tell you how much time it takes to load on Thier phone, if they are interested

Hello, what do you mean by this:

to your mobile specifications.

By this I refer to your mobile hardware, like how much ram your mobile is providing to your app, how hard it can process procedures etc

Join APK is a Look

You mean that you use arrangement as your screens, if so do you have lots of images on those screens


It has many arrangements and some images YES. Follow the attached APKFazerBem.apk (6.0 MB)

I can’t even install it on my device


Then follow .aiaFazerBem.aia (39.1 KB)

Remembering that the aia or apk above has no components and no blco agum on the Main screen

Check your package name…

Here when I run the app does not appear this message, I sent the AIA, vove uploaded?

What is your (the app) package name is?


But there is no block and no component there,

Package name should be com.companyname.appname in this format…


Let me check the aia.

Error at first look!

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Yes I understand, but enter the name and the defect will remain. My full here is complete with the name

Wait a while for the full report…