Text On a Canvas

Hello, I would like to write text for a game.
on the canvas: setting, time …

I have managed to do it but I am left behind the image that I use as wallpaper and the letters are not visible.

Any idea?

Thank you!!

Please show what you have tried. Did you search the community? You have a reading time of 1 minute.


If I have been searching thoroughly without success.

And I’m still at it :slight_smile:

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Show your blocks and images for this please.

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When I first tried putting a background image on the canvass and adding text it didn’t work - I could only see the background image but not the text.

I refreshed the companion screen a few and it suddenly worked.

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Hello! Thank you for your answers. And sorry for the little information I gave when explaining my problem.

I will learn :slight_smile:

As you can see, I use an Image Sprite as a background to be able to move it at different speeds than the ground and achieve a Parallax effect.

My problem is that the text is hidden behind the Image Sprite that I use as a background.

In the last photo, when making that image invisible, the Text appears there.

Any ideas??

Thank you very much for your help and interest.

Yes the text is written on the background. If you have a imagesprite in front it can not be seen. So you have to change the way you display the parallax effect.

Maybe this can help


Change the Z values as required.

Edit: Scratch that, follow Peter’s advice.

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Set the blue sky as the background of the canvas, this will be static. The rest can be sprites. So you can write in the sky as you want.


All right!!

I will reduce the image by 15 pixels in height and make the canvas blue so that I can make the text visible.
Thank you.

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Maybe you can show the end result. I like the way your app looks.


Se puede poner un vídeo corto??

Can you put a short video ??

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Maybe you can upload a video to youtube and post the link here.

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Many thanks!!

I will post a video soon !!



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