Thank you Very Much Kodular

We are not abusing kodular nor we are hating you

In good times of kodular everyone was a team

We remember that times when we ask a question on Community and got a solution in Minutes :blush:.

We were proud to be a koder and still we are .

Please don’t be shy or don’t be afraid to face your users that how will you answer them .

We all also know that compiler has a big issue and you are trying to fix it and working day and night every second to fix that .

The only thing we want is we were with you in your good times so we are also with you in bad times .

Don’t worry . How much you will say we will wait with patience.

But at least reply and be with your team .

So that after this bug gets solved … we can celebrate the success with a good charm


We don’t want to talk you only in good times

We also want to be with you in bad times

I support… Kodular is best rather than anyother builders. because of its ease and lot of extension. guides available… and what not (most of them are free) made by the dedicated users.