The application stopped in the apk but not in the companion

Hello people, I hope you are doing well. I have a problem when opening a screen in the apk already generated by kodular, it does not open me and tells me that the app has stopped. However when I open it with the companion if it lets me open it and it doesn’t show me that it stops or anything and runs perfectly, without registering any errors with the companion. the problem is when I generate the apk of the app which is where it shows me that the application stopped.

try logcat to find out more about the issue

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The route:
c: \ tools \ adb
Is it from the pc or the mobile?

Which of all do I install or all?


APK installer?


I used ADB Kits

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I cannot find this route on my computer.

This appears to me, what do I do?

i dont downloaded the apk installer, i think this is for another thing.
I downloaded the ADB kits,extracted the compacted rar and open the program with cmd.

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which one did you install? I just need the program to tell me the registration of the app

ok, friend

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once i open it what will happen? or what will I do?

If you want, you can share you AIA here or send me, maybe we can check the error.

after download and extraction you should follow the instructions in link that taifun provided.
But you will need to open that via cmd.

ok, but the path c: \ tools \ adb does not appear. and therefore I have not been able to paste the files.

This location will be the location that you have downloaded the file, for example:

Mine adb is in downloads files, so its will be: C:\Users\choco\Downloads\adb

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ok, let me and I open it from the cmd with that location because I also have the folder in downloads but obviously I will change the username.

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Ok, first I start the program and then I connect the cell phone or the opposite?

You choose, but i think conecting the phone first ir better

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ok, friend

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