The companion is not approved to serve ads

First, the cause of the problem

Install emulator apk

Second, What problem damaged

kodular ads are not visible

Make ads remove worthless

Third, solve the problem

Give a license to the emulator

Do not modify the post or modify the category

What’s the problem? Do what it says.

You need to get your app approved to show ads.

Maybe you can use test ads instead.

This issue does not happen to me, and therefore not yet confirmed that it is indeed a bug.

I changed the category to #discuss temporarily.

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Oh, yes, that is normal. If your app is installed from Play Store a dialog won’t popup, if it is then it will.
Please download the licensed version from the Play Store.

No need to be angry.

What is the problem installing from play store.
If you are putting ads in your app make sure it is in test mode

It is not a bug.

Hi everyone
What’s is going on here?
Most of the posts here are deleted :thinking:

Read above :wink:

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Install from Google Play instead of copying it apk

I get the same message even though my app has not integrated any advertising. I do not understand. This only happens in companion. I cannot “do what it says” because I do not use any ad component in this app.

What companion version do you have and where did you get your companion apk?

I use to use Google Play Store and I don’t even know where else to get it.

It appears BEFORE I connect to my app via WiFi

What if you uninstall the companion and redownload it again from Play Store

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Thanks fot his suggestion, for now it works properly. I will see what happens at home with WiFi.

Thanks so faaaaaaaaaaaaaar

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Ok now I face a new issue. Is the companion serving disturbing ads even when screen is locked? It’s playing video ads with sound and so on!

I hope this is not companion, but I do not know any other app I installed that causes such behaviour.

My first suggestion was that it was @Italo s TicTacToe App (since then my phone is playing this ads) but approx. at the same time I reinstalled companion (due to the issue we discuss here).

Then your Companion was not installes from Play Store. When installing any app from Play Store, that message disappears.

We are still investigating it. We may try to upgrade StartApp libs, to discard that issue.

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I have a new phone and have transferred all apps via “smart switch”. It was probably because of that.