Things i want in new update important?

i want things in new big update
1.we can make desktop apps also (it is hard to do)
2.rounded label (without card)
3.rounded button (without card)
4.make it to drop things without space anywhere you want just like thunkable betasnapshot

(personally i don’t like thunkable but i have to do this)
5.why apporoval i want without apporval if can’t tell me reason you knew flutter, make some layout options of flutter (flutter is more customizable than kodular)
7.fix some bugs your apps in background like android studio
9.add some more funtions

thank you for reading
i want this things otherwise i can’t do anythings and switch to another app builder
i am using kodular from 2 years

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App Inventor wasn’t made to do this.

Thunkable was rebuilt to do this, it would take months, possibly years for Kodular to implement this and people would complain because of how long it would take.

Flutter is customizable because it’s based on Dart, which is a completely different language than Java and Kotlin. It would take years, possibly decades, to implement support for Dart based on how many components and extensions don’t support it. Not only that, but it would take a massive amount of time for App Inventor to merge this implementation… I mean, the implementation for Kotlin from October 2020 is still not merged. They merge the newest PRs first it seems, never the old.

Without you specifying which ones, are there any bugs at all?

You see, App Inventor implemented this before, or should I say attempted to implement this before. It failed because Android changed (not sure where) and their method of implementation, broke. There are extensions for this though.

Again, without you specifying, are there any new functions to be added at all?


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I assume you are talking about approval for ads. If so, then approval is necessary and it will not be removed.

The approval process is in place to prevent people making earning apps.


Thank you for telling

You can design your component in whatever style just by using dynamic component extension by @yusufcihan by using set property for the requirrd component

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