Three Dynamic buttons in a horizontal manner

I am Working with a project that includes using three dynamic buttons and single dynamic label.When i add dynamic buttons it keeps coming in a vertical manner.i want to set them all in a single horizontal line.Help me out!
here is example how button comes

Set the parent container(in which the dynamic labels and buttons are created) as an horizontal arrangement.
Show your blocks to get a more clear idea of what you are doing and what you need to do.

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Use this extension to create dynamic horizontal arrangement in a cardview then place your buttons inside the arrangement

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can u help me out with block? i have already installed this extension but couldn’t set its block

This is my block

hello you are making Quiz app

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create a horizontal arrangement, create your buttons(you can use the default dynamic button component) inside that arrangement and put the arrangement inside the cardview
blocks (16)
blocks (17)

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i am making app for 1-12 std books and their videos and quiz also

thank you very much. let me try

sorry ammar can u elaborate more for me .as i can not figure out problem.Firstly i can not find out Stylish_create.i have uploaded my block picture.figure me out issue if u dont mind.

just give me your aia i will do it for you

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Hello, I’m also having the same problem and I didn’t understand how to do it, can you help me?

just import this extension and respective components [Free / Open Source] - Dynamic Components Extension (for all AI components)
copy this png image to your blocks section

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