UI/UX for Delivery App

NO. You are posting an .AIX file. This has nothing to do with a URL. Please post



btw, is this AI2? Doesn’t look like Kodular.

We at Kodular don’t have problems with :appybuilder: :thunkable: :appinventor: blocks.


Of course. Me too. just wanted to know it. As I said, Off-topic.

I love :appybuilder: :thunkable: :appinventor: too, I actually came from :appinventor: to kodular, so… :grinning:

how are you going to show the route for delivery?

how do I leave the search bar leased like that?

Textbox inside cardview

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but how to round the search box? you are brazilian right?

Set card view radius to 50

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I see you making this custom list. Did you do it with dynamic cardview? And how do you filter the items?

I clean all itens of listview and recreate from de textbox text

Set radius of cardview for 50 or more


Update some screens design

is this assessment shown to other people?

Yes, it’s for all users

as you did?

I used this extension

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how much do you wants for the aia file? the corona virus has changed my restaurant and now i would my application. please help me!

Sorry, this project is private for a company…

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