Unable to import extensions

(Mouhurtik Ray) #1

Hello there,
I am unable to add a specific extension which i need very much
life inventor CardView whenever i add it kodular says internal error what is happening? this error is happening in my specific project only it tried in some other project works like a charm.

(Deepanshu Arya) #2

I think it’s paid did you bought it???

(Mouhurtik Ray) #3

No it’s free

(Deepanshu Arya) #4

Did you downloaded it from a trusted/certified website?

(Aditya Singh) #5

Simply import the extension in Kodular and cancel the error dialog and refresh the website then you will be able to use it.

(Mouhurtik Ray) #6

yes as i mentioned before it’s working on few projects only

(Mouhurtik Ray) #7

Awesome it worked thumbs up

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(Vishwas Adiga) #8

Could you please send the error log here?
Thanks in advance

(Mouhurtik Ray) #9

issue solved after imported when i got error i just refreshed the page everything went fine after it and the extension was added.

(Vishwas Adiga) #10

Please try to remove the extension and add it again.
If not, try creating a new project and adding the extension.

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(SunnyTheDeveloper) #11

This is a common error in Firefox Browser.
I have to reload creator after uploading any file.
But works when I upload new file of same name or you can say updated file.

(Dupe Tech) #12

yes it is the solution, but this error is very frequent

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #13

There are two solutions of this problem:
1.Upload all files and then reload creator so you do not have to reload again and again.
2.Switch browser.Use Chrome or Opera.

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Just wanted to give you a compliment @vknow360 for helping out on the forum. :+1:

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(Vishwas Adiga) #15

Please share the error message so we can see what’s happening.

(Dupe Tech) #16

sure i will send the logs when i again came across the problem