Unable to share my kodular app with friends via whatsapp

Hi, I have tried to share my kodular app, store in my mobile via whats app, several times but it does not work, I have done it before without problems, now I have trouble to do it. Is there a new way to do it?

Did you sent them the link or the downloaded Apk File?

Hi, Yes on the right hand side of the app there are 3 dots , when you press it, there is an option to share the app but after the normal process of sending a file, nothing happens

Hi, I have the apk file into my mobile in the downloaded files, i just choose the APK file in the same way I would do to choose a picture from my foto gallery and then share it to a friend via Whats app, but it says that " Fail to share please try again"

Open WhatsApp, go to your friend chat, click on send documents

Next select your apk file and send it

Thank you for your help Avijit!! I did tried that way but the apk file is located in /storage/emulated/0/Download/Myapk
but I am not able to move it from there to file Document in order to share it via whats app, I am trying to copying but with no success

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