[UPDATE - 2.0.6] Pickup lines in Hindi - More than 2000 Dialogs

Pickup Lines in hindi

  • Shayri & Motivation lines
  • Wakeup lines
  • Funny lines & Jokes
  • Enhanced UI
  • Easy to use
  • In Hindi :india:



Can you share some screenshots here?

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Yes it’s not. Share some screenshots.


Here, there is a new update… This app is now available in US and UAE and some more…

Try it out and I’m waiting for suggestions…koders

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why you think he is an thief

Piezz e lot!

New Update - V 2.0.4

  • UI enhanced
  • New Sections Added

Screenshots :

Cheers !

I asked you a question, but you didn’t answer. Is there airtable csv file? How to make it? Can you share airtable database screeenshot?

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Here is another Major Update V-2.0.6


  • Quotes Section Added ( Using Grid View and Image cache )

  • UI enhancements in Slide bar

  • Made the app more faster…


Download Now

Cheers !

Thank you for airtable nice update. Does the aia file you share is updated?

No I don’t update it anymore. As it takes lots of time on working for this app. I don’t provide it for free or for a cost anymore.

Thanks for all the answers. I had a little question. I am changing your application for another purpose. Pictures of designs. How do I change Cloudinary images?


I’ve installed Cloudinary, but it doesn’t.

Upload the assets to your cloudinary using the names of the tabs in the app.

Now replace your cloudinary link. That’s all !

New Update - 3.0

  • Native Ads Added ( Makes app look decent )
    Credits : @Kus_Zab

  • UI updated

Shots :

Download Link


Can you share Airtable link?

How you put native ads in kodular ?

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yes, how did you do it. :thinking:

I think by using this extension:
Annotation 2020-07-07 195834

But it was when Kodular hasn’t disallowed using ad extensions yet.
Now it’s not possible until Kodular team added it in built-in components.

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