Update airtable sell value

Used ,
Search option
Colintree listview

How to get marked value and update sell value

Explain wrong thing im doing

Please help

if you re reversing a list it will change index of list.

I know that thats why i created store index variable
But i need players column value and update column value on user click
How to do that please explain

but when you have changed indexes of list then how you will get correct index, try without reversing,

I removed reverse list but there is also no result

try this,

A tip:
In Airtable if you want to get the data sorted, you just have to apply the order you want in the columns of airtable and when you get the data, you get it in the order you put it.

You can add more than one order criterion. You can sort them in alphabetical order and by date, for example.

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Can any one help to update one or more cell in same row if data row already selected.
The scenario like this .
-created table with different user data

  • Search user with valid Mobile number, if not valid can’t login .
  • After display the Mobile number and name in list view
  • user after click on list view the particular row data displayed on screen in each label .

Only to update column data if that text box enabled.

I need to put update on those values if required by user when click on update button.
After update the existing record to be replaced with new value.

Can you or anyone share the block of same .