Custom sell value updatecolintree listview

Hi,i want to create app using colintree listview
And i created that almost 90% but when user clicks on i want get sell value when user clicks on extra button
If sell value =1
I want update sell value 2
If sell value =2
I want update sell value 5
How to do like this
Please explain,

as i told you before,

have you tried that blocks ? which i sent, because that blocks will work as you want, try them

I tried but how can check value of players value with index

This is my project i want when user click button i want check value of players column if it is 0 i want to 1 add value if it 2 i want add 2 add value like this
Sorry im beginner here

you can check it by showing in notifier or in label, when user click on list try setting any label to select list item (list of players which you have stored ) and index(index of list which called element index in colin tree)

I want to check that value on extrabutton click but how to get element index even not using any click option in global variable

if you are using extra button then you will get element index, and i am still confused that what you really want!!!

I want when user clicks on extra button that i want to chech players column value then value=0 then i want add 1 value if than players column value=2 i want to add 2 value in airtable database

so you dont want any user value 3? he only can reach 2?

Thats also want that also but only exampled that valuea

with your English i cant understand what you want, so if you can speak hindi, Pm me in hindi maybe i understand.

Sorry i dont know hindi also
I want when user clicks on extrabutton then i want to check players column value if that’s value=0 i want add one value if that’s value value=2 i want to update sell value as 4

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so, try this,

Thank you i will try this

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It works Thanks a lot for your support.

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