Update rejected by google play store

hello , my update was rejected, see screenshot. I don’t know what that is, but I didn’t add it


Just click here.

Can you explain more about your problem?

It is just a browser’s warning. Ignore it

i can not ignore it . since google has not released the update that will be removed from the app

my problem is that an update was rejected because it is in my app

The image you provided has nothing to do with rejection from Play Store. Please post a screenshot of the rejection reason

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but it has . that is the reason why. and the screshot was given

It seems that your app is trying to update the app outside of Google PlayStore - Downloading and installing APK which is not allowed. Instead you should redirect user to PlayStore or use InAppUpdate

I use inappUpdate. I didn’t add that either. I don’t know how google got this screenshot

Can someone help me

Without knowing how you use in app update or if somewhere in your code you redirect users to download an apk we can not help

my app doesn’t use methods to get users to download an app, and as you can see in the background it’s coming from kodular, otherwise there wouldn’t be kodular’s login page

If you want help then provide some useful information otherwise please stop spamming.

are you usig the webviewer or custom webview?
what about providing a screenshot of some relevant blocks?

do you get the same screen while testing your app using the apk file?


no, i used admob, and i think the kodular thought that the app is not from the play store and showed this message that you should register the app with kodular​:sweat_smile: and then kodular’s website requested this download. because the login page of kodular can also be seen in the background

95% chance.

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yes , this is against Google Play 's policy . because you can download other apps in my app Dan that are not from the Play Store. although I didn’t program it, I think it’s a bug from the kodular login page