Vibrate Block Not working

i want to set a small time vibration on button click in our app but when i use sound component to vibrate then not vibrating my phone.
Block i use

but :point_down: this block working if we set repeat"true"
blocks (1)

but i do’t want repeat vibration

May be correct way of asking the permission is android.permission.VIBRATE instead of only VIBRATE

as far as i think only VIBRATE is use for permission.
because when i use vibrate Pattern methord then my phone is vibrating

Just try it.

tested “not working”
but “Vibeare Pattern” methord working without permission.

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Hi Kodulars @KodularCreator i’m waiting from 1 day but not any intrested on my topic .
is this a Bug?

@KodularCreator is a bot account…
Mention @Kodular instead… (Kodular Staff)

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These simple blocks work for me in both companion and apk

blocks (42)

Android version - 9.0

Can you provide a sample aia?

Edit: I am also not using any permission blocks

experiment.aia (14.5 KB)
Edited: Tested without permission block
Not working

Your provided aia file is working for me in both companion and apk.

Additionally, from where did you got this :point_down: extension?


i find this extension from puravida extension directory.
I don’t think why this is not working on my phone.

May be try on some other devices if possible…

send your aia that you try.

Sorry I may have deleted that aia. But it only contained the blocks posted above in my reply. Even your posted aia also worked for me.

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good morning …

as i see you set value to 100 ms … that mean 1/10 , not working on your device ! - but work on another.

when using repeat method ( that mean 100 ms * X times) it work.

so … it seems to me like ( timing problem ) in you device , that it cant vibrate just for 100 ms

my suggestion : try to make value 1000 , then if it work … decrease it by 100 ms and try again

i test on another device ,then it’s working fine.