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Video Promoter : View 4 View

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Video Promoter is a video watching app that helps you get more views on your videos. It helps to boost video in your own network or other network. It is user friendly app that lets you watch others videos and they help you by watching yours. You can easily get more views using this app.

Do you want your video to become a viral video?
Do you want your channel promotion?
Or you just only need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hour watching time to turn on monetization on your channel?
It is a productivity tool to get more views and watch duration in your videos and is based on a views for views model. It helps you reach your monetization goals earlier.

It is a Video Promoter app, which help in promo video. It will help you monetize your channel and get views on channel. Hence getting monetize is easy now with this view 4 view app. It will act as a views booster.
Your video will get more views like. Not only the video will gain views , but it will help it to go viral by video promotion. Increase views count to promote videos which finally boost your channel. The view count will increase and your video earn more likes views. This can be a best tool make your video viral and help your channel get viral too. Also, it will help you to get free views. view boost is very simple to get more video views as the video view booster app will viral your video

Are Views free? Yes these will be free. Watching videos promoted by other users will help you earn video virtual coins. Using these virtual coins you can promote video. The video views will be all real.

Using Video Promoter app is really easy.
Just install the app.
Watch all videos of fellow member to promote them and in return earn virtual currency .
Redeem your virtual currency to promote your own videos which will be watched by others.
You can analyses your videos later.
You are guaranteed to get views.
You can see the duration and views that you have gained using our app.

We have a auto view feature and hence you just sit back and relax while we show you videos. Similarly others will boost video views, increase video views for you

To add your video , you just have to copy your video link and we will show that video that can be promoted. Please note same video cannot be added again. You can although promote it again by using the earned virtual currency.

Please remember:
Video Promoter is a 3rd party app.
Video Promoter do NOT offer the ability to buy view and watching time as it is against the policy. We only a platform to help your video reach out to people, and they can view any video which they feel interested in.


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Nice app​:+1:

How do u made view count

There is a time given in the application. View is counted when time is complete

How toremove link when after view request is completed

Automatic video is removed when view is complete

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How do yoy count impressions

How that is working I mean blocking part

You may buy aia to get know about the app’s blocking part.

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is this aia is paid

I guess. You can PM developer about it !

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I did it too many hour ago but no reply

Is your app have any ads

yes this is a paid aia file

What database did u use firebase or airtable

I used both databases

To view count what do you use