Viewer always scrollable

If you have many components on your screen, you must activate “scrollable” to be able to see everything.

But when this option creates a lot of problems, you have to uncheck it manually for each screen before exporting the apk, then go back to each screen to activate the property afterwards.

Why is the viewer not scrollable by default? I don’t think anyone likes to see all its components crashing one on top of the other like that:


Before the update, this method worked very well:
Now, if the option hasn’t been unchecked on the builder, it’s too late!

That would fix the problems!

i agree with you

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So you say the scrollable block does not work anymore ?

I didn’t quite understand what you meant by “Scrollable block”.
It doesn’t change anything about the application, just the viewer on the builder, on which the scrollbar is still present.

… You showed us the scrollable block (on your picture).
I think my question was clear

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Yes, it works, but it does not fix the problem of the title bar that appears and the FAB that does not appear.

To be honest, I have never used scrollable - always changed the components’ visiblity. Anyway, that would be a great feature.


Phone expansion will be another solution