WA Master | Is now on playstore

WhatsApp Master - Your Own WhatsApp File Manager

Note : This App us still In development… So It may have some bugs and some buttons may not work for now…

In the future update I’ll fix them.

For now please checkout my app and feel free to give me some suggestions.

Screenshots :slight_smile:



You should use another name.
Else it violates against copyright of the name “WhatsApp”


Should he change the name “WhatsApp” on his screenshots too, maybe add ™ at the end of it or is it okay if he uses it there?

how did you get the watsapp files in ur app??? @Taifun extension???

Yeah I used Taifun Files Extension

But I found Lots of apps in store using WhatsApp name !!

It is just a tip.
Iam sure you dont want a suspended app


But I named it as WA Master in play

So If I use WA Master Even In App Will that effect me ??

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I also will not recommend using a copyrighted name. It violets their policy and may even let to suspension of you account

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I cant say anything if you can use the name or not.
WhatsApp can answer this question for sure.
But not me.

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Ask me a little topic. Can you tell me how to do the image shots of my application from any site?

Change the name of app Before It’s suspended

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Update : 1.1.2

Changed Name to WA Master on the suggestion of @Mika

And Now Some More screenshots

Thanks for all for suggestions. Keep on pointing out my mistakes… :wink:

I like the app and all but, personally I don’t like when people steal my desings unless Permitted to do so, maybe change the design aligtle because this looks like Atmosphere?


What do you mean? The full part of Amosphere’s ** designed ** by you? I did not know that. Keep it up!

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No Atmosphere is mine, by the way I’m seeing this topic now.

Don’t worry, everyone knows to steal but nobody can continue stealing. Because it won’t be long. :smirk:
That’s why I’m not sharing AIA files of my projects.

Also @aravind_chowdary_in,
Maybe I said which fonts I used but this not means you can copy design without saying anything. Isn’t it weird?


I feel special :blush:

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what extention used in list view with thumbnail?

I tried an APK that I found on the Internet

You should adjust the property Set $ScreenName Status Bar Light Icons.True