Waiting for the download link problem

When i make a project , there is no problem for exporting or to use companion

When i edit my project , i can’t export apk or use companion. Anyone help me for solve the problem ???
Showing like this for a long time :point_up:

How many assets do you have ? How big are the files in assets ? Try to delete a few images and see if problem solved

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Iam trying to create a music app which can download or play music within the app

So the assets contains many songs . When I remove songs from assets , how can I use the component exoplayer to play the music?

Iam using exoplayer for play the music

Can you give a solution?

Thanks for your opinion .

You can see here

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I think it is about making big size apps. That’s not problem as you said.

My problems can I upload more songs in my assets or when I upload more songs, it will affect my project ?

You will need to store the songs on a server.

Then when the user opens the app they can download the songs from you server.

Just make sure you are not infringing copyright.

Unclear, explain exactly where the problem is and what is to be achieved.