WallX- Wallpaper App ( Paid aia )

App Name: WallX Wallpaper App

Platform: Kodular


  1. Best icon and splash screen Design
  2. Homepage Ui
  3. Showcase
  4. Trending Wallpaper
  5. Show my downloads
  6. Categories
  7. Add category and wallpaper with airtable
  8. Grid View
  9. Set as wallpaper
  10. Share and Download Wallpaper
  11. Best Ui

Download Apk

aia file available on : www.aiafileforthunkable.com

Developer: Ganesh and aiacart

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You say that with every aia you post here. I think users donā€™t believe you anymore. :crazy_face:

Are you allowed to share those wallpapers? What license are they?


Wallpaper are provided for demo purpose