WEB component dont work on some devices

Hello dear community.

I use web component for sending sms (with api provided by sms provider). It is working most of devices without any problem but on some devices it does not work.

As i said it works without any problem on most of devices but if you need i can add picture of that 3 blocks

Firebase has a testing platform to allow automated testing on various devices. You need to use and look at the reports on what devices are failing.

WEe cant guess here.

Blocks mean nothing if it works on some.

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Any api restrictions for some android version from provider maybe?


I have tested with fribease several times (each time 5 devices and virtual devices) but report was all positive

I will ask for this from provider but i think it is not reason. Because on firebase test platform i tested each version and result was positive

Ok, so look at the actual reports, or maybe change your app to grab some details of the user and store them yourself in Firebase.

Check the log files from the API provider. I think Mika is correct, it is an API usage issue.

You should be recording all errors, and you can do that in firebase.

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Thank you for quick response. I will contact with sms provider.

But. I remember something and update.

I use web component in other app and there was not such problem. All users can send sms. But implemented same block in this app, works on some devices and dont work on others

You are not keeping track of this I bet

The tools are there for you to track errors.


Yes you are right.
I should use this.

Thank you very much!

I think there are some issues with Web component.
It works on Nought but not on KiKat.
I am using it for post text but it shows error 1103 on KitKat and works perfectly on Nought.
Also there are some issues with APIs like Bitly api works but Clicksfly api does not.